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Job Description for Personal Care Attendants

The Personal Care Attendant (PCA) is responsible for providing personal care services to Clients in their homes and or in the communities in which they live.  The PCA’s will provide supportive services to medically stable Clients for the activities of daily living.  The PCA will follow a care plan that has been developed.  The maximum number of hours the PCA will be scheduled will be determined by the funding source of each Client and the Responsible Party.  

PCA’s must be at least 18 years of age or 16 years of age with completion in a relative training program.  They should also have 6 months of experience in working with the elderly or children.  The PCA’s hired by Avenues for Care, Inc. need to have the ability to work with little direct supervision and be able to follow orders.  Good communication skills are a must.  PCA’s must also be able to fulfill the physical requirement of the job.  PCA’s will need to be able to fill out the required paperwork, attend any required trainings, participate in all scheduled follow up supervisory visits and comply with all of the policies and procedures of Avenues for Care, Inc.  Employees will also be responsible to disclose criminal history and/or convictions pertaining to any crime relative to the provision of health care services or to the occupation of Personal Care Attendant.  

PCA’s cannot work for a recipient if they are also receiving PCA services, a spouse to the recipient, the Responsible Party to the recipient, the parent or step parent of a minor (under 18) recipient.  

The recipient, Responsible Party and/or QP will train the PCA in caring for the recipient.  The Responsible Party will assume the responsibility of daily supervision and scheduling.  


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