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Home care services offered by Avenues for Care, Inc. serves Minnesota residents of all ages while striving to provide quality personal care services in accordance with state and federal guidelines.  We serve residents who are in need of personal care services in an effort to remain independent and safe in their homes, while providing support to families.  Nursing visits are regularly scheduled to ensure that everyone is satisfied and content with the services provided by the agency.


PCA Choice

Recipients or responsible parties will hire, train and schedule PCA's. The agency will assist with this process and provide qualified professional supervision as needed.

Traditional PCA

Services in which the agency will hire, train and schedule PCA's to fit individual needs.

Veterans Services

are available to qualified veterans with approval from VA social worker.

Private Pay

recipients who are not eligible for state funded services are able to access services at our private pay rate. If you are interested in more information, please contact our main office at 320-269-2929

Long Term Care

Insurance may cover PCA services, please check with your agent before beginning services with any company.

Types of Service commonly provided

Children and adults with physical and mental health needs

Dressing, grooming and hygiene

Transferring and Mobility

Medication reminders

Food and diet

Redirecting and monitoring behaviors

Housekeeping assistance

Other services may also be provided depending on recipients’ needs